• Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?

    Absolutely! While you are at work or running errands, our crew will be busy prepping and painting your home. All of our job foreman have been with our company for many years and we are fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured your home is safe while you are away! We know that having a contracting crew in your home is disruptive to your everyday life. That is why we strive to get in and out as quickly as we can while maintaining a professional, clean and quality atmosphere! You won't regret your decision to hire North Pointe Painting for your interior or exterior painting or carpentry project. We are the right choice to take the stress out of your home improvement project! 

  • How long will it take to get my kitchen cabinets painted?

    At North Pointe Painting, our crews specialize in Kitchen and Bathroom cabinet refinishing.  They have been trained to provide you with a custom paint job that will give your cabinets that straight from the manufacturer look.  However, these projects are very time consuming when done correctly.  Most Kitchen Cabinet painting jobs will take at least 4-5 days.  We do not believe in rushing the process as it is crucial to make sure the paint has time to dry between coats.  Want to know more about choosing the right painter for your Kitchen Cabinet remodel?  Check out our blog post that details what to look for when you decide to hire a painter for the most expensive piece of furniture in your home.

  • How long does the average exterior painting project take?

    Same as with Interior Painting projects, every Exterior Project is unique and the timeframe in which it takes to be completed can vary greatly.  If you home requires wood siding or trim to be replaced, or if there is extensive repairs that need to be done prior to painting, this will add time to your project to ensure the job is done correctly.  It is important to remember with exterior painting projects, if the job is not prepped correctly, and the necessary repairs are not completed prior to paint be applied, your paint will not last as long as it could and you could end up paying more down the line when larger repairs are necessary.  Another factor that can determine how long it will take to get your home’s exterior painted is the weather.  Living in Michigan, we never know what to expect from Mother Nature from one minute to the next.  If there is a chance of rain, we may have to delay your project to ensure that you get the absolute best finished product possible. 

  • How long does an average interior painting project take?

    There is really no “average” project.  Every project we do is unique and the timeframe in which it takes to be completed can vary.  Some Interior painting projects can be as quick as one day, but if you are getting multiple rooms painted, depending on the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, and the amount of prep work required, It could be up to a couple of weeks to complete the project.  Throughout the entire duration of your project, we will be in communication with you on what to expect and how long we are expecting the project to take.  If we run into any issues that could delay the completion of your project, we will let you know right away.  We know having contractors in your home can be intrusive to your day to day life, and we want to return your home and regular routine to you as quickly and efficiently as possible!

  • Are you a licensed and insured painting contractor?

    North Pointe Painting is a fully licensed (MBL#2102222030) and insured Professional Painting Company. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with our crews that will be working in your home. Although, we have an excellent safety and accident minimizing track record we realize that sometimes, unfortunately, accidents do happen. For those events we carry liability insurance to protect you, the homeowner, in case of damage to your property and we also carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect our workers. North Pointe Painting has in place policies that allow us to meet and exceed all requirements mandated by the state licensure board so you can breathe easy when you hire us! 

  • Do you provide touch up paint after you are finished?

    We sure do! Once we've completed painting, we provide all the leftover paint for the touch-ups! The painters will make sure that everything is sealed up and left in a convenient location for you to be able to find and use again and again! If you wish to purchase additional paint for future use you are also able to do that under discounted pricing rate while we are working with you at your home. 

  • What are the most commons types of paint you see?

    The type of paint that we use on a particular job will depend on the outcome that is ultimately desired by our customer and the project manager.  For interior painting projects, we most commonly use Sherwin-WilliamsBenjamin Moore and Pittsburgh Paints.  We find that we get the best results with these brands of paint.  For exterior painting jobs,  Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paints, SikkensTWP & Cabots, are the brands that we will most commonly use. If there is a different paint brand or type you would like to use, we are more than happy to use that as well. Just ask!

  • How frequently do I need to paint the exterior of my home?

    Most professionals will say that a good paint job should last you at least 7-10 years but there are many factors that can impact how long a paint job will ultimately last.  Things like the climate where you live, the direction which the housing faces, the type of siding that you have, as well as the quality of the last paint job you received are all important determining factors in how long your current paint job will last.  Making sure that the painting company you hire properly preps your home prior to starting your paint job will ensure that you get the most out of your investment. At North Pointe Painting we recommend painting every 5-7 years in Michigan to ensure that things like caulking and paint do not fail against the elements. Not sure what you should expect, check out our Blog post to learn more about painting your home's exterior!  

  • How often do I need to repaint the interior of my home?

    Many factors can contribute to how frequently your home will need to be painted.  The biggest factor in determining the frequency is the quality of the paint used and whether the area was prepped and primed accordingly.  You will also need to take into account the amount of traffic through a particular area, whether or not there are smokers in the home, if there is a fireplace that is used on a regular basis during the winter months, as well as having children in the home and their ages?  Every home and every situation is unique, however a good quality job done by a professional crew, under normal conditions, should last anywhere from 6-10 years. Call us and we will be happy to evaluate your particular situation and offer you a more precise answer!

  • How do I prepare my house for painting?

    When you hire North Pointe Painting for your painting project, we want to make sure that you know how to prepare your home before our crews arrive.  In the week before your project is scheduled to begin, we will send you an email with all the information you will need to make sure your home is prepped and ready for paint.  Curious what kind of work it entails to get your home “paint” ready???  Click here to read our blog post that gives you more details!

  • Can you help me pick my paint colors?

    Are you overwhelmed by the Thousands of Color Choices on the Market? Need a little extra help? We’ve got just the girl for you! North Pointe Painting works closely with Lisa Sanders of Inspired Style Home! You can contact Lisa at 248-672-3124 or via email at inspiredstylehome@gmail.com. Don’t forget to mention North Pointe Painting sent you for our exclusive pricing! We can also have any color custom matched or any cross brand paint colors matched to give you exactly the outcome you desire!

  • Why should I hire a professional?

    There are many reasons to hire a professional contractor! Besides being more time efficient, hiring a contractor makes certain your project meets health codes, is properly prepped and cleaned up, and ensures a professional finish. Rather than hassling with ladders, toxic fumes, and messy clean up, hire professionals to get the project done quickly and skillfully! Click here to read our blog post and find out more!

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2 Year Warranty for Exterior Paint

If there is any chipping, peeling or blistering of your exterior paint within 2 years of our installation, we will come out and fix it for free.

2 Year Warranty for Exterior Paint

If there is any chipping, peeling or blistering of your exterior paint within 2 years of our installation, we will come out and fix it for free.

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