Polished concrete is all the rage right now – and for many good reasons! Read on as we discuss just some of the reasons for the popularity of polished concrete in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Top 10 Reasons for Its Popularity

Though this list certainly isn’t exhaustive, here are a few reasons we think polished concrete is so popular in Scottsdale, AZ:

  1. Improve Value

Polished concrete floors can wow potential homebuyers. Whether you’re looking to sell soon or not at all, it’s always a good consideration.

  1. Temperature Regulation

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons folks love this flooring in Arizona is the temperature regulation it provides. In the summer, it’s cool and in the winter, it’s warm!

  1. Gorgeous Look

Polished concrete can come in many different colors and finishes to create a truly unique look that you’ll be happy with. Gone are the days of just grey – explore the options you have!

  1. Affordability

Polished concrete is a relatively inexpensive way to transform a room, which everybody loves in these trying economic times.

  1. Safe for All

This type of concrete is safe for the whole family – including your furry friends! No chemicals or other unhealthy particles can seep into paws or feet.

  1. Easy to Clean

Requiring only occasional mopping, polished concrete floors are a great option for someone wanting low-maintenance surfaces around their home.

  1. Contemporary Look

Everybody loves for their home to look good, and polished concrete creates an elevated, contemporary look that suits many different interior design styles.

  1. Slip-Resistance

Polished concrete floors, contrary to popular belief, are great for wet areas because they are slip-resistant, especially when compared to other surfaces that people put in wet areas like bathrooms.

  1. Silky Smooth Feel

People love the feeling of walking on polished concrete floors, especially during the hot Arizona months. If you’ve ever walked on marble, it has a similar feel, but without the huge price tag.

  1. Stain Resistance

Not only do they look and feel great, but concrete floors are also quite stain-resistant against all kinds of spills.

Cardinal Concrete Coatings Can Help

Cardinal Concrete Coatings was founded in 2020 by Ryan Davis and his family, who had a dream to start a company with the same values that he personally holds. Ryan has created a team that is dedicated, kind, and professional to each of our clients, from the top on down. Our work spans a variety of different applications and is not just limited to polished concrete. Beyond polished concrete, we service residential garages, pool decks, and driveways, among other commercial spaces. For us, no job is too big or too small when we put our minds to it.

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If you’re ready to jump on the polished concrete bandwagon, then give us a call today at (480) 725-5855. We’d gladly welcome you into our family of clients and answer any questions you might have regarding the process or our work.

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