You and your patio deserve the best quality possible. And when considering the potential of an outdoor concrete coating and how it can elevate the value of your property entirely, you surely want to make sure it gets done right. Here are a few key benefits of relying on the experts to ensure it does.

The Professional Outdoor Coating Process

Expert coatings consist of industry professionals who first evaluate your existing outdoor surface for any chips or cracks that may need to be addressed prior to the coating process. We start by grinding down your existing surface with a diamond-blasting technique then work to repair any potential cracks.


Then, a polyurea base coat is applied, and after hand-flaking and scraping the surface to generate a unique texture as well as ensure proper leveling, a final, UV-stable, and weatherproof polyaspartic topcoat is applied and your new outdoor surface is ready to use in just a matter of hours.

Benefits of a Professional Patio Coating

Aesthetic Enhancement

You can instantly improve the look of your outdoor space and property entirely with a professional patio coating while seamlessly weaving your outdoor landscape into the rest of your property’s layout.


Expert services also provide several customization options to choose from such as color and texture so your coating can be done to match your desired specifications, all so the space feels uniquely you, and creates an outdoor space that guests and visitors will marvel at.

Secure Against DIY Faults

With the rising demand for outdoor coatings, one of the popular concrete coating trends of 2023 has been property owners trying to install coatings themselves. However, what they are coming to realize is that quality coatings are something else entirely.


Many often run into issues such as inadequate materials which last only a few years (if that), discovering their surface isn’t level in the process of application, or even applying coating incorrectly and being left with uneven surfaces.


With a professional service such as Cardinal Concrete Coatings, you’ll benefit from an expertly applied, industry-grade polyurea coat that comes with a 50-year warranty, all done by trained professionals who take care to give you the best service and result possible.

Increased Safety

Outdoor coatings are slip-resistant. So in addition to the added durability that comes along with a polyurea concrete coat, your new surface will be able to sustain heavy foot traffic while protecting guests from any slips or falls. For those whose patio space includes a pool, slip-resistant functionality will allow you to rest easy knowing you and your guests are safe.


With an expertly applied patio coating comes protection from harmful outdoor debris such as dust or liquids, as well as enhanced toughness to guard against cracks or stains. What’s more, is that your patio will brave against the elements thanks to the protective polyurea coating, and it will remain safe from harmful UV rays which can be detrimental to your patio’s surface in those hot Arizona afternoons.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the increased durability of a professional concrete coating and with that newfound protection from the elements as well as any harmful liquid or debris, your patio will also be easier than ever to maintain.

A Little About Cardinal Concrete Coatings

For years, Cardinal Concrete Coatings has been the leading concrete coating service in the state of Arizona. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in having trained professionals who utilize the best techniques and materials possible in order to bring you the finest quality, while also providing unmatched customer service to deliver an experience like none other.

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