Summer is around the corner. And that means hosting friends and family for pool parties in your backyard is almost here. But if your pool deck is currently riddled with stains, cracks, or divots, then you need to get your Arizona home summer-ready with a new concrete pool deck coating!

Lucky for you, Cardinal Concrete Coatings is here to help no matter what you need. For years, our team has serviced countless homes and businesses all across Arizona. And in this blog, we’ll lay out everything you need to be ready for hosting pool parties and relaxing in your backyard with a high-quality pool deck coating.

Why Is a New Pool Deck Coating Essential?

The chances are you have a concrete surface for your pool deck. And if that’s the case, a new coating might be in order for a number of reasons.

First, concrete alone consists of tiny holes, which means that water and dirt can easily penetrate the surface. Over time, this will cause the concrete to crumble or stain. Maybe your surface has faded as a result of constant exposure to the hot Arizona sun. Or perhaps you’re looking for a safer surface so that you or your kids can more comfortably walk along the pool. Concrete doesn’t last forever, and it needs a quality coating to improve its functionality.

Polyurea Coating Benefits

To give your backyard the best results possible, our team specializes in a polyurea coating system. This system consists of a polyurea base coat and polyaspartic topcoat. Polyurea stands out among other coating options for its superior durability, especially against the weather.

Moisture Resistance

As you can imagine, a waterproof pool deck is a necessity for any homeowner. Otherwise, water will penetrate the concrete surface, and when the weather changes the water will shrink and expand, wreaking havoc on the concrete. Our polyaspartic top layer forms a waterproof barrier for your concrete surface.

UV Ray Resistance

Another crucial feature of a pool deck coating is being able to withstand the sun. Constant ultraviolet ray exposure will inevitably wear down most surfaces, but our coatings are designed with UV protection. So take a seat by your pool deck in the summer sun and trust your surface is here to stay.

Non-Slip Technology

The surrounding pool area can be the most hazardous for slipping, tripping, or falling. Protect your backyard with a coating that has non-slip technology. You, your family, and your guests will be thankful for a more comfortable walk on your one-of-a-kind polyurea coating.

Our Pool Deck Coating Process

The difference between a pool deck coating that lasts for decades and one that fades or cracks in only a few years comes down to expert installation and quality products. Our team at Cardinal Concrete Coatings has spent years finding the best materials to use and training technicians to master the installation process. Here’s a quick glimpse at how we install your pool deck coating:

Why Choose Cardinal Concrete Coatings for Your Pool Deck?

Trust the team that’s local to you and wants to offer the very best results. As a family-owned and operated business, Cardinal Concrete Coatings knows how crucial affordability and personal customer service are to any successful business relationship. That’s why we work hard to make you, the customer, our #1 priority every step of the way.

In fact, that’s part of why we offer a 50-year written warranty for our coating products and services. If your pool deck coating starts to stain, crack, chip, or worse, contact our team and we’ll come out to promptly fix it.

Discover How a New Pool Deck Can Complete Your Arizona Property

Are you eager to take the next step toward your dream backyard? Then don’t wait any longer! Contact Cardinal Concrete Coatings today to learn more about our products or to secure your free, personalized project quote.

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