Concrete surfaces can be great for any property. They offer a clean look while also satisfying countless purposes we may need. From high-performing industrial facilities to complementing the backyard with a nice pool deck, you can’t go wrong with a concrete surface.

But over time, concrete that isn’t protected can fade, crack, and fall apart. This is because, by nature, concrete has tiny holes that allow dirt and debris to enter underneath the surface. If you don’t protect your concrete, your property can soon be brought down by an ugly, stained, and crumbling surface.

What Coating Options Are There?

When making the choice for a coating for your property, the two most common options are epoxy and polyurea / polyaspartic coatings. The main differences between the two are that polyurea dries more quickly and can hold up better than epoxy. Yet, the two coatings are similar in that they both combined two chemicals to create a durable surface. Both are excellent choices for any home or business, but polyurea can slightly give itself the advantage.

How to Choose the Best Coating

Don’t blindly select a coating option without first considering why that one is best for you. For instance, epoxy can be a great choice for residential areas (such as the kitchen or basement), because it offers a modern look while not seeing as much traffic or abuse as a garage or warehouse. And, polyurea / polyaspartic coatings are wise for high-use areas (like an industrial floor) and outdoor spaces (such as a pool deck or driveway). These are some good, initial questions to ask yourself before choosing your coating:

Our Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coatings Services

Cardinal Concrete Coatings wants every Arizona property to look incredible. So, we offer both residential coating services and commercial coating services. Plus, we don’t shy away from any job, no matter the size. So whether you have minor repairs needed for your garage or full-scale polishing for an industrial floor, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at some of our specific services:

The Superior Cardinal Coating Process

The best results lie in the details. For that reason, Cardinal Concrete Coatings has worked extensively and meticulously to train our team to master the installation process. In just 6 steps, this is how we can transform your surface—and property:


Learn More about How Easy (and Worthwhile) It Is to Have a Professionally-Installed Coating

Our coatings offer several benefits to your property. In addition to improving how your home or business looks and feels, a coating is easy to maintain, lasts for decades, and enhances property value. Discover more of the countless reasons to upgrade your surface or request your free quote by contacting us today!

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