Is your home or business’s current concrete floor looking a little old and faded? Do you want to breathe new life into your property with an affordable, easy operation? Then maybe you should consider a polished concrete floor.

Not only does polishing your floor make it look more attractive and increase its functionality, but it also has several eco-friendly benefits. We’ll explore all of those and more in this blog.

What Is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the result of grinding down an existing concrete floor until it has a high-gloss finish. It doesn’t require replacing a current concrete slab or adding a concrete coating, which makes it an affordable option to other concrete services. But, with its superior durability and performance, polished concrete has been a popular solution for warehouses, offices, and homeowners.

How Is Polished Concrete Eco-Friendly?

Many businesses and homeowners are cognizant of making green choices to promote sustainability and help the environment. Fortunately, you have that decision available with a polished concrete floor. These are some of the eco-friendly benefits that come with polishing your current concrete surface.

Minimal Raw Material Consumption

The polished concrete process requires few—if any—raw materials, which means there’s a small carbon footprint. When you polish a concrete floor, you only need water-based thickeners and stain-resistant treatments.

Incorporate Recycled Products

With the polished process, you can incorporate recycled products. Materials that would typically be thrown away, such as crushed glass or metal shavings, can get a second life as decoration for your floor. You don’t just make a positive difference for the environment, but you can even gain a visual appeal.

Avoiding VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are typically emitted from a lot of flooring repairs, chemicals, and installations. Excessive exposure to VOC can result in negative health effects, and some are even suspected to be proven carcinogens. However, polished concrete floors are VOC-free, which results in cleaner air for your property and the community.

Reduced Dust and Mold

Other traditional floors can generate excessive dust and mold build-up. This can decrease the air quality and potentially have harmful effects over time. Luckily, polished concrete reduces dust and eliminates mold, promoting immediate air quality.

Less Energy Usage

You may not realize it, but polished concrete floors can even result in decreased energy usage for your property. Because they reflect light, polished concrete increases ambient lighting levels. So, you can use less electricity to keep your facility bright during the day.

Less Waste

Finally, because polished concrete takes an existing surface and makes it better without adding anything or entirely replacing the floor, the process reduces waste. Concrete that would be torn up or coatings that will erode eventually end up in a dump. You can enjoy your polished concrete floor a little more knowing it’s cutting back on waste.

Additional Benefits of Polished Concrete

As we’re sure you know, polished concrete isn’t good just because it’s eco-friendly. It also has several other benefits:

High Durability

You want a floor that can withstand constant foot traffic, exposure to chemicals or liquids, and other miscellaneous, heavy-duty usage. Polished concrete strengthens your floor for all of these and more.

Easy Maintenance

As a property owner, you don’t need more problems on your plate. The constant sweeping, mopping, and cleaning of your current floor can be a thing of the past with the convenience of polished concrete.

Custom Design

You can have a floor that’s tailored specifically to your property. With countless colors, textures, and finishes, we can produce a floor uniquely to your liking.


Enjoy your floor even more because you know you’re safe when walking on it! Our slip-resistant polished concrete services make your floor safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Affordable Option

It can’t be stressed enough: polished concrete is an affordable option out of all the flooring services at your fingertips. All it requires is the right tools, an expert eye, and some elbow grease.

Want to Make a Green Difference with Your Floor?

Do you want a floor that’s durable, attractive, and eco-friendly? You can make a positive impact on the planet with your flooring surface. Contact our team today to learn more and get a free estimate for your environmentally-conscious and high-quality flooring project.

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