When it comes to home improvements, the garage isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind to update. We think of garages as mere storage for our cars, tools, and lawncare equipment.


However, like any other room in your house, garages are used every day. They’re the last thing you see when you leave in the morning and the first thing you see when you return, so you should consider leveling up your garage to become a space that you love.

Benefits of Updating Your Garage Floor

It Adds Beauty

A new shiny floor coating or polished concrete is sure to make your garage more attractive. It also makes your garage appear cleaner, brighter, and more of an enjoyable place. Upgrading your garage floor extends your living and workspace.


Some flooring upgrades are even customizable in color, fleck, and sheen. Beyond adding aesthetic value, a good garage floor will also stand the test of time, reduce wear and tear, and protect your concrete from its natural vulnerabilities. It will look new for decades!

It Improves Cleanliness

Concrete is a porous surface, therefore it is liable to stains. Grease, oil, paint, and chemical spills will happen. Clean-up is rather simple if you have a finished garage floor, as the spill can simply be wiped up rather than sinking into the concrete.


Furthermore, concrete that consistently absorbs moisture may contain harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), such as mold, which negatively impacts air quality. Finished garage floors give you a cleaner surface and cleaner air.

It Increases Strength

Chips and cracks are common in traditional garage floors, but upgrading your garage floor will provide a more durable surface. It prevents general wear and tear from day to day use, and it can withstand the immense pressure from vehicles constantly pulling in and out of the space.

Two Recommended Updates

Polyurea Coating

Polyurea coatings are rapidly gaining popularity in residential spaces, most commonly used in garages. Polyurea is a polymer coating that is applied on top of existing concrete. Once applied, it cures in just one day and lasts for decades with minimal maintenance. Polyurea coatings do not need much maintenance more than sweeping and occasional mopping with warm water. Unlike other floors, polyurea doesn’t yellow over time from UV exposure and is resistant to various climates.


This type of coating is far stronger than concrete alone because it is a more flexible compound. The coating also seals your floors, preventing stains and harmful chemicals from absorbing into the concrete below. To top off the list of advantages, polyurea coatings are fully customizable. You can choose the color and the fleck to best compliment your garage.

Polished Concrete

If you like the look of classic concrete, but you still want to add strength and durability, consider polishing the concrete in your garage. The process of polishing concrete involves applying a chemical hardener that densifies the concrete. This is followed by a series of progressively finer grit grinding until the desired gloss is achieved. This process condenses the molecules and creates a far less porous surface than unpolished concrete. Polishing is environmentally friendly as no harsh chemicals are used in the process.


Polished concrete is typically lower cost than polyurea coating services, but it offers many of the same benefits. Polished concrete is stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. The floor absorbs less dust, moisture, and chemicals to create a more sanitary garage. Polished concrete’s high reflectivity will also brighten your garage a considerable amount.

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