Any homeowner knows that a garage isn’t just a garage. It’s a storage room, where your vehicle sleeps, a gym, your workshop, a man cave, and so much more. But with all of these purposes, a garage can quickly become cluttered, dirty, and inaccessible. If you want your garage to stand out and be the best room for you, here are some expert tips to keep it in the best shape possible.

Organize It

The first step is to really organize your garage. Sort through everything and ask yourself, “Can this item go somewhere other than the garage? Should I throw it away?” as you encounter all that’s in your garage. Cutting down on clutter and finding better places for items can make the seemingly-daunting task easy.

Recruit Help and Allot Plenty of Time

We understand organizing your entire garage should take a lot of time and require multiple sets of hands. Grab some family members or a neighbor to help you. That’ll make it more fun and decrease how long it takes.

You can also break down organizing and sorting over the course of a few days or a long weekend. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your garage doesn’t need to be sorted out in a day either. Doing this right requires a little time so you can ensure that everything in the garage has a purpose and it’s worth keeping.

Make a Garage Floor Plan

What goes hand-in-hand with organizing your garage is crafting a floor plan for where you want everything to be. You can measure your garage, all the equipment in it, your vehicle, etc. to get a good understanding of how much space you have so you can sort it out perfectly. You can allot areas for storage, equipment, a refrigerator, or whatever you have to house in the garage.

Clean It Frequently

Don’t let your garage slip your mind from the chore list. Every week, every other week, or just every month, be sure to clean the garage area. Sweep the floor regularly, mop every now and then, scrub the surfaces down, etc.

You’ll be more excited to use your garage the better shape it’s in. And, when you clean, also investigate whether items should stay or not. This really eliminates the buildup of clutter.

Improve Your Garage with a New Floor

While all of the above tips are great, there’s arguably nothing better to keep your garage in the best shape than installing a new floor coating. Garage floors inevitably wear down over time with excessive foot and vehicle traffic, the housing of furniture and equipment, cracks from heavy objects falling, chemical spills, etc. You can be proactive to fight against all of this with a brand new coating.

Garage floor polyurea coatings revitalize your garage and actively protect against common wear-and-tear elements. For example, they’re 4 times stronger than traditional epoxy floors and technologically sound to prevent chemical or other liquid stains. They instantly improve the garage’s aesthetic while enhancing your home’s entire property value.

But concrete coatings are an investment that lasts for decades, so you don’t needlessly need to keep improving your garage once you’ve finished. In fact, Cardinal Concrete Coatings even offers a 50-year warranty on our surfaces, so you can go back to enjoying your floor instead of ignoring or stressing about it.

Final Thoughts

As flooring experts and homeowners too, we know that a garage is special. We want you to get the most out of your garage, which is why we recommend organizing it, frequently cleaning it, and revitalizing it with a better—yet affordable—floor. Don’t let your garage be a hidden, forgotten-about wasteland. Let us help you cherish your garage with a new coating!

More about Cardinal Concrete Coatings

Since 2020, we’ve been laser-focused on transforming the concrete industry by delivering exceptional results, fair prices, and 100% customer satisfaction. Cardinal Concrete Coatings offers our professional services in all major parts of Arizona and especially the Greater Phoenix area.

When you choose us, you don’t get the cookie-cutter planning and solutions you’ll find from other concrete companies. We tailor our services exactly to what you need. Cardinal Concrete Coatings exemplifies a special tradition of respect in our industry by offering a 50-year written warranty to protect you and your property.

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