Same as with Interior Painting projects, every Exterior Project is unique and the timeframe in which it takes to be completed can vary greatly.  If you home requires wood siding or trim to be replaced, or if there is extensive repairs that need to be done prior to painting, this will add time to your project to ensure the job is done correctly.  It is important to remember with exterior painting projects, if the job is not prepped correctly, and the necessary repairs are not completed prior to paint be applied, your paint will not last as long as it could and you could end up paying more down the line when larger repairs are necessary.  Another factor that can determine how long it will take to get your home’s exterior painted is the weather.  Living in Michigan, we never know what to expect from Mother Nature from one minute to the next.  If there is a chance of rain, we may have to delay your project to ensure that you get the absolute best finished product possible. 

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