The garage is one of the most important, utilized spaces of any property. As such, it deals with lots of wear and tear over time and can suffer from extensive damage to its surface. But with a polyurea solution from Cardinal Concrete Coatings, you can turn your garage into a durable, safe, multi-purpose room that benefits a variety of uses and lifestyles.

The Basics of Garage Floor Coatings

A garage floor coating consists of our polyurea coating system which is a more durable alternative to epoxy. Applied by our certified professionals, this technique makes for an efficient, tough finish that transforms your garage floor into a surface that is resistant to chemicals, oils, and abrasion. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors and styles to create the unique aesthetic you’re looking for.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Concrete Coatings for Your Garage


We utilize industry-grade polyurea coating for the highest quality product and installation to create a durable, slip-resistant surface that’s built to brave the elements and withstand several methods of damage and decay. From harmful UV rays brought on by the outdoors, and damaging debris like dirt and bacteria, to tire tracks and oil/chemical leaks, or even damage resulting from heavy equipment or storage, a concrete coating ensures your garage surface is protected from stains, cracks, and heavy foot traffic. As a result, you can rest assured your garage is transformed into a safe and durable space regardless of how you plan to use it.


Speaking of users, the quality and toughness created by a polyurea garage coating also allow for multiple uses. Whether you plan to utilize your garage for storage, as an at-home gym, art studio, home project space, or just general car usage, an expertly-applied floor coating ensures a long-lasting surface that supports a wide array of functions.

Low Maintenance

After a new concrete coating, your garage will be easier than ever to clean and is now protected against any chemicals and debris that could harm or stain the surface.


In addition to protection from abrasion, chemical leaks and stains, a polyurea coating also makes for a slip-resistant surface that protects you and your guests.

Aesthetic and Property Value

With our extensive variety of decorative color options, you don’t have to sacrifice your look for durability. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all we do, which is why we work directly with you to ensure your new garage floor coating looks just the way you want, while also delivering top-of-the-line functionality. We’ll transform your garage aesthetic with a concrete coating to create an attractive, versatile room you’re proud of while simultaneously increasing the value of your property.

How Our 6-Step Installation Process Works

After we’ve thoroughly inspected your concrete surface, we’ll begin with our expert installation process that takes place in just ONE DAY:


  1. Grind It – We first prepare your floor by cleaning it and utilizing a diamond-grinding technique to ensure the strongest adhesion possible.
  2. Repair It – If your floor has any cracks, we’ll patch those up.
  3. Coat It – Now that your surface is ready, we will apply a self-priming pure polyurea base coating.
  4. Flake It – As the polyurea coating dries, we hand-apply decorative polymer flakes to provide an even, unique finish.
  5. Scape It – We also take care to scrape any excess flakes and make sure the floor is level to prepare it for final sealing.
  6. Seal It – Finally, we apply a UV-stable polyaspartic topcoat to the surface that makes for a glossy, aesthetic enhancement and leaves your garage floor ready for light foot traffic after 6-8 hours.

Why You Should Count on the Pros for Your Garage Coating Installation

You and your property deserve the best quality possible. At Cardinal Concrete Coatings, with high-quality installation from our insured, certified experts, you’re guaranteed the best product without having to worry about the issues that people run into with DIY coatings such as improper installation, applying too many layers, creating uneven surfaces, using inadequate product, and more. We work hard to install your new garage floor coating and ensure proper cleanup afterward so your space is ready to use, all in just one day—because we know how valuable your time is.

Learn More about How We Can Revamp Your Garage with 1 Simple Installation

Are you interested in learning more about how you can revolutionize your garage space with an attractive and versatile concrete coating? Then contact us now to get your free quote today!

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