Maintaining your Phoenix Valley home can be a tedious task, especially when it comes to ensuring that even the smallest details are well taken care of. One area that often gets neglected—but shouldn’t!—is your garage surface.

Whether you’ve recently installed a new garage floor coating or had the old one given an upgrade, proper maintenance measures must be implemented if you want your garage floor to look and perform its best. There are several steps to go about maintaining newly-coated garage floors that come directly from experienced experts.

What Is a Garage Floor Coating?

A garage floor coating is a way to upgrade and protect the surface of a garage. It usually has a professional finish and can be made from one or more layers of materials, such as epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic, and/or quartz.

Epoxy coatings typically have the longest life span, being up to 20 years if installed correctly, and provide the most protection from grease, oil, and other staining agents. Garage floor coatings are often applied with various troweling methods or sprayed on for even greater coverage. They may also be combined with decorative chips or paint for an attractive metallic sheen or an added layer of protection for design longevity.

Why Is a Garage Floor Coating Important?

A garage floor coating is becoming an increasingly popular way of protecting a garage floor from dirt, chemicals, and petroleum. Installing an epoxy coating provides a convenient and cost-effective way of protecting a garage from the everyday wear and tear that comes from working in it—from oil spills to car jack damages.

Not only is a garage floor coating aesthetically pleasing, but it increases the lifespan of your garage floor significantly. It’s easy to clean, prevents staining and fading, and resists mold and mildew growth. Plus, epoxy offers extreme durability which makes it resistant to high traffic volume as well as any accidental impacts such as dropping heavy tools or equipment. It’s clear that a garage floor coating is essential for any busy garage owner.

3 Tips for Garage Floor Coating Maintenance

Maintaining your garage floor coating is essential to keep your epoxy floor in top condition for an extended period. Adhering to these three effortless tips can guarantee that your garage floor will have a lasting, good-as-new appearance.

Tip #1

Start by investing in a quality mat that covers the full surface area of the floor. Not only will this help keep dirt from building up and getting between the cracks, but it also helps protect against scratches and stains.

Tip #2

Next, clean the floor regularly, using a solvent-free cleaner to avoid discoloration from harsh chemicals. Doing this is crucial as harsh chemicals can cause discoloration and deterioration of the epoxy coating. By using a gentle cleaner, you can ensure that your garage floor will keep its luster for a lifetime.

Tip #3

Finally, make sure that you don’t use abrasive equipment or materials when cleaning or buffing away the dirt on your garage floor’s epoxy coating. This is important because using abrasive materials can scratch or damage the epoxy coating, compromising its durability and appearance.

Learn More about Maintaining and Improving Your Garage Floor with Cardinal Concrete Coatings

The decision to coat your garage floor is an excellent one that comes with numerous advantages. Not only does it help protect your garage from moisture, spills, and staining, but it also boosts the overall look of the space. Coating the garage floor will offer you years of protection and performance if correctly maintained. Applying these simple tips for maintaining a new coating can help you to enjoy better-looking and long-lasting results over time.

While routine cleaning and repairs are essential for a long-lasting floor coating, should damage occur you may want to reach out to a local concrete expert or coating technician such as Cardinal Concrete Coatings to make sure it’s fixed properly. Investing in a quality service like Cardinal Concrete Coatings is key to having a successfully maintained garaged floor for many years to come.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you on your journey for a better garage floor—and property!

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