Every homeowner knows that garages vary from person to person. Some strictly use it for parking their vehicle overnight and storing a few things. Others like to maximize their garage by turning it into a mancave, gym, or workshop. No matter how you use your garage, you can turn it into an eye-catching and functional room with garage floor epoxy coatings.

Why Upgrade Your Garage?

You might be wondering why a 2023 garage update is worth it. Perhaps just a handful of people even see it once a month. But when you revitalize your garage with a new floor, you’ll be proud you took the time to do so.

Entrust the Concrete Coating Experts

Don’t limit your garage—and your entire home—with a subpar floor. Count on the team at Cardinal Concrete Coatings to revolutionize the garage with a new coating. We’ve helped hundreds of homes and businesses in Arizona, and yours could be next.

Why Epoxy Is the Best Garage Update

When looking at improving your garage, your mind might gravitate towards a few things: installing cabinets, adding some new equipment, etc. But don’t overthink it. Start at the base, the foundation, and then work your way up. In other words, improve the floor!

Enhanced Durability

Nothing will improve your garage’s durability like reinforcing the surface coating. Garages take a beat day in and day out. From constant vehicle friction, furniture moving around, or heavy objects falling onto the floor, the garage can quickly wear down.

A brand-new epoxy coating provides unparalleled durability. After all, concrete by itself can let water and dirt enter the surface, causing it to erode from the inside. A coating will keep all sorts of debris and liquids out, ensuring the surface stays intact.

Better Aesthetic

A cracking, peeling, or stained floor is an eyesore for you and everyone that encounters the garage. Not many people initially admit it, but the floor plays a part in a room’s aesthetic appearance. Improving the floor with an epoxy coating adds an instant boost to the room’s look. We can even add a unique design, texture, or finish to your floor, so it perfectly complements the home.

Safety First

Traditional flooring options don’t do anything to make those that walk on it safer. In fact, some floors (like hardwood or tile) can be more hazardous when wet. Epoxy coatings have a slip-resistant design so you and everyone can be more comfortable when using the floor.


Not only are our floors slip-resistant, but they’re also stain-resistant. If your garage is like most peoples’, then it’s home to a lot of chemicals. But when these chemicals spill on our floor, they can produce unsightly stains. Keep your floor shiny and vibrant with an epoxy coating that actively fights against stains.

More Affordable Option

Instead of replacing your entire floor, installing a coating is a quick, easy, and affordable option. You get the most bang for your back with concrete coatings. Plus, Cardinal Concrete Coatings prides itself on offering some of the fairest prices in Arizona!


Other garage projects are just miscellaneous, small things. You don’t want temporary solutions like this. Really improve your garage with a new, long-lasting floor.

We back our epoxy concrete coatings with a 50-year warranty. If your concrete starts to peel or crack within 50 years, we will come out and fix it for free. You won’t find any solutions that last this long.

Improved Property Value

Finally, installing a concrete coating can significantly improve your home’s property value. It’s both a functional and beautiful solution that helps your home’s purpose and attraction. So when you’re reselling down the road, you’ll be even happier that you made the smart investment to install an epoxy coating.

Curious to Learn More?

If you’re interested in discovering how epoxy concrete coatings and Cardinal Concrete Coatings can help you, don’t wait any longer! Contact our team today to get a free quote or consultation.

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