Does your garage floor currently lack in its appearance? Maybe stains or chips are bringing its look down? Are you wondering how you can improve your garage’s aesthetic in one quick, easy, and affordable process?

The garage floor epoxy coatings are the perfect solution for you. No matter how you use your garage and no matter its existing situation, the team at Cardinal Concrete Coatings can help enhance its look.

What Are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy coating is a synthetic floor system that’s applied over an existing concrete surface. It both increases protection and decoration for the current surface. This system includes a handful of layers of resin that are laid on top of the concrete.

Why Epoxy Is the Perfect Garage Renovation

When considering 2023 garage updates, the floor might not be at the top of your list. Maybe you’re considering adding a new piece of equipment or installing cabinetry. But if you want something that offers real impact—in terms of beauty and functionality—then look no further than epoxy-coating floors.

Incredible Appearance

Arguably no garage upgrade provides aesthetic-driven results like an epoxy floor. Our epoxy services transform your stained, peeling, and cracked surface into a thing of beauty. We even add a top-layer sealant that enhances the shine of your floor.

Plus, an epoxy floor can be customized to how you want it. We offer decorative and flake flooring to take the appearance to the next level. We can add designs and finishes so your floor is unique. Our team works with you to produce a floor that complements your property in the best way.

Great Durability

Not only does an epoxy floor help the look of your garage, but it also boosts its functionality. When we reinforce the surface with an epoxy coating, it adds a protective layer against everyday and heavy-duty use. So whether your floor is victim to heavy objects falling on it or shuffling from furniture, an epoxy floor fights against any abrasions or cracks.

This new surface means you can enjoy and use your garage more. You won’t have to worry about converting your garage to a woodshop or gym because then your garage will be prepared for it all. With unparalleled durability from epoxy, you’ll love your garage’s new, frequent usage.

More Safety

When you use your garage more after a new coating, you’ll quickly notice the added layer of safety. Our floors are designed to be slip-resistant, so everyone—like kids running or folks 60+—can safely enjoy themselves. On the other hand, traditional floors have no safety innovation.


If you’re concerned about your garage’s aesthetics, then stain elimination should be at the top of your list. As the common storage place for chemicals, a garage floor can see a lot of spills and stains. But with epoxy floors, which are designed to be stain-resistant, stains can be a thing of the past. Because the coating keeps water and other liquids from entering the concrete surface, the floor won’t stain, leaving your surface shiny and vibrant.

Long-Lasting for Years

Do you want your garage and its floor to look good for years? Epoxy can help you there, too! Unlike other garage projects that are small, not-lasting items, epoxy can last for decades. It’s a long-lasting, much-needed solution for a medley of problems.

Cardinal Concrete Coatings even offers a 50-year warranty. We will come out and fix your surface for free if it starts to peel or chip. So, you can enjoy the good looks of your garage for years to come.

Want to Learn More?

Are you ready to discover how an epoxy concrete coating can improve your garage’s look and functionality? Then don’t hesitate any longer! Get in touch today for a free quote.

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