Project Description

Client: Art Metzger

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Contractor: Cardinal Concrete Coatings, Scottsdale, AZ

Floor Size: 1,000 Square Feet

Market: Private Residence/Backyard

Cardinal Case Study: Polyaspartic Pool Deck

The Challenge

Providing Art Metzger with a durable, safe pool deck coating that will stand up to the Arizona heat and wow his clients.

Art Metzger, a longtime resident of Scottsdale, AZ, came to Cardinal Concrete Coatings to resolve two problems: First, he needed to revitalize his backyard and do it quickly. Second, he wanted to invest in a high-quality pool deck coating but didn’t know whether epoxy floor coating would do the trick.  When we met with Art, we recommended a polyaspartic floor coating, a relatively new industrial relative of polyurea. Polyaspartic pool deck coatings:

After reviewing his options, Art selected a full replacement of his pool deck coating with a bespoke sandstone base.

The Solution

Installing a low-maintenance polyaspartic pool deck in a single day.

Cardinal Concrete Coatings scheduled a time to renovate Art Metzger’s backyard and followed our standard five-step process:

Step 1. We went in with heavy equipment and diamond-ground the target area. Polyaspartic deck coatings bond completely with the concrete underneath, so we needed to make the concrete base more porous.

Step 2. We did a thorough cleansing of Art’s concrete. We got out some tough dirt, leveled out the entire surface, and fixed three deep cracks.

Step 3. After the concrete was clean and dry, we laid down a polyurea base coat and created Art’s custom sandstone color. We did this by adding color chips to the base coat, making the coating more durable and slip-resistant.

Step 4. We left the base coat to cure for an hour, which is typical for polyaspartic coatings. They cure much more quickly than epoxy coatings and are 98% more flexible.

Step 5. Finally, we laid down a clear coat to protect the color and ensure that the coating was 100% UV-resistant.



Art was pleased that we completed the entire installation in one day so that he could start hosting backyard parties again. His pool deck coating was level and accessible to guests with disabilities. Art’s backyard blossomed into a beautiful meeting place, and he gave us a 100% satisfaction rating. 



We thank Art for letting us help him on this project! Cardinal Concrete Coatings provides polyaspartic pool deck coatings throughout the Greater Phoenix Valley, including Scottsdale, Avondale, Tempe, Mesa, and Gilbert. If you find yourself searching for “pool deck resurfacing near me,” give us a call at (480) 690-3921 to schedule an appointment.

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