Ring in the new year by upgrading your garage floor to the one you’ve always wanted. Garage floors experience daily wear from vehicular and foot traffic, as well as machinery and storage. While traditional garage floors can be bland in appearance and weak in strength, consider the following garage floor upgrades for 2023.

1.  Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating

A polyurea polyaspartic coating adds functionality and aesthetic value to your garage. These floors are easy to maintain and highly durable due to their elasticity. Polyurea polyaspartic coatings install quickly.

First, the surface needs to be cleaned and grounded. Then, a primer is applied followed by a polyurea coat. This coating only takes a day to cure, so you can resume the use of your garage with minimal interruption.

Some unique advantages of polyurea polyaspartic are its weather resistance and the fact that it is not going to yellow over time under UV exposure like other concrete coatings. This coating also protects from scratches and stains, and it is very easy to maintain. Fast curing can make DIY installation more difficult, so polyurea coatings are best done by a professional.

2.  Epoxy Coating

Epoxy has recently gained a lot of popularity in its use in garages. The installation process is similar to polyurea polyaspartic as both are polymer coatings. Epoxy floors are limitlessly customizable and add strength to existing concrete floors.

These floors create an easy-to-clean surface and are quite beautiful. They provide protection from everyday use, vehicle traffic, and foot traffic. Epoxies are also stain and moisture-resistant. Because polyurea is a stronger polymer, epoxy is cheaper than its counterpart at around $3-7 per square foot. Polyurea ranges from $7-12 per square foot. However, this coating can take up to one week to fully cure.

3.  Flexible Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking rubber tiles are trending for the increased strength and protection they offer to your garage floor. These tiles are easy on the budget in comparison to other floor coating options, and you can install them yourself. Rubber tiles come in several colors and a few different sizes.

Rubber tiles are also great for hiding blemishes on your garage floor and protecting them from further damage. They can withstand a variety of climates, and they offer slip resistance. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable improvement to your garage floors, consider rubber tiles.

4.  Polished Concrete

Transform your traditional, dull concrete into a lustrous and beautiful surface. Any existing concrete can be polished with a simple multi-step process. A chemical hardener is applied to the floor which densifies the floor. Then, the floor is ground with a progressively finer grit, resulting in a high-gloss and shiny floor.


Polished concrete is long-lasting and durable. It can last decades! Additionally, you won’t have much repair or maintenance. In addition, polished concrete is stain resistant—perfect for protecting your garage from oil, grease, and other common spills. Installation requires various heavy machinery, though, so it is best to have this project professionally done.

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