As modern trends for home decor become more and more minimalist, the rise of concrete floors in homes has increased. The cool, modern look they provide is catching the eyes of homeowners everywhere – and perhaps with good reason. In this blog, we’ll discuss whether or not we think concrete floors are worth the hype for your Arizona home.

Are Concrete Floors Worth the Hype?

You know the material well – concrete is hard, strong, and pretty easy to clean. You can work hard to try and damage it, but it does take a lot to actually hurt it. But what all about it makes it so good for the home? And what are some negatives of it?


As mentioned, concrete floors are pretty strong. Not only that, but they also last for a long time without needing a lot of repair or replacement compared to other types of flooring. In addition, concrete floors are pretty cheap, especially compared to other types of flooring. In fact, you’re looking at around $2/square foot as opposed to $30+/square foot, depending on the flooring grade, of course. They are low-maintenance and make a bold fashion statement in your home that won’t likely go out. Not only that, but they also do a great job of retaining heat in the cold months and staying cool in our hot Arizona summers. If you get tired of the look, you can always apply a coating to update it.


Perhaps one of the biggest cons is with regards to hardness. Yes, it’s good on the durability side of things, but it also means that things you drop (or fall), will likely break. It is unfortunately very unforgiving unlike carpet or softer woods. Finally, you may experience some cracks over time if it is not installed correctly. That being said, it should last for a long time if done correctly.

Cardinal Concrete Coatings Can Help

In 2020, we started Cardinal Concrete Coatings to be the premier concrete coatings business in Phoenix, Arizona. We’re well on our way, thanks to the exceptional products and processes we use. However, the most important secret to our success is not what we do – it’s how we do it. We do everything and treat everyone with honesty, integrity, and strive to treat people the same way we’d want to be treated. When working with us, you can expect professionalism and clear communication.

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