Whether you want to install a new garage floor coating or refresh an old one, you’ll need to take a few steps before getting started. By preparing your concrete surface and selecting the best coating for your needs, you can ensure a high-quality outcome that will last for years.

This blog post outlines five things to do before tackling garage floor coatings.

1. Thoroughly Inspect the Concrete Floor

Determining the condition of the concrete surface is critical before embarking on the floor coating process. You want to ensure there are no pre-existing coatings or other toppings.

If your garage floor has a pre-existing coating, figure out its type and employ the most appropriate technique to remove it. If the surface contains excessive laitance, ensure you remove it.

It’s important to fix all surface imperfections before starting the coating installation. The concrete surface must be structurally sound to achieve the best results.

2. Choose the Best Coating

Another critical step before tackling garage floor coatings is determining the best coating to fit your needs. The product you choose will determine the lifespan and performance of your coating.

If your garage experiences heavy automotive traffic or you often use harsh chemicals in your garage, epoxy floor coatings would be an excellent option to protect your garage floor. However, a decorative coating system will serve you well if you mainly use your garage to store items.

3. Prepare the Surface Properly

Before tackling garage floor paintings or coatings, it is important to eliminate stains and other defects from the surface. The preparation time varies widely depending on the floor conditions.

Old floors usually have unsightly oil and grease stains that need removal before proceeding with the coating installation. You should use environmentally friendly products to remove these stains; you don’t want to compromise your loved one’s health and your property’s safety.

Repair all scratches and cracks to ensure an even surface. Remove any traces of dirt or residue, as they can negatively impact the adhesion of your coating.

Another critical aspect of the surface preparation process is using the appropriate profiling technique. When you employ the right surface preparation technique, you won’t have to worry about premature peeling and fading from your finished floor coating.

4. Determine the Moisture Content

Measuring your concrete surface’s moisture content is critical in the concrete coating process. Your floor coating contractor uses specialized equipment to perform a Relative Humidity test (RH Testing).

An RH test lets you know your concrete’s real condition and the precise humidity level it can withstand with a sealed coating. This test is quick, accurate, and relatively affordable.

Its biggest advantage is that it ensures safe coating installation, and you won’t have to worry about buckling or bubbling over time due to moisture build-up beneath it.

5. Prime the Surface

Once your concrete surface is ready for coating installation, you need to pick a date to commence your installation process to ensure top-quality results.

It’s best to start your garage floor coating project on days that are not damp or too hot or cold. Ideal temperatures for coating installation range between 50 and 80 °F (10.0-26.7 °C). Installing a floor coating outside the recommended temperature range increases the risk of bubbling, peeling, and wasting time.

Following these steps can help you get a high-quality coating that will stand the test of time. However, working with an experienced floor coating professional is always advisable.

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