Have you been considering getting your garage concrete coated? If you have, that’s excellent! If you haven’t, a concrete coating over the existing concrete in your garage can increase the strength of the concrete, as well as create a beautiful surface that will add value to your home. As the colder weather comes in, you might be wondering if now is the right time to get your garage done or if you should wait until the spring. While this can be done under a variety of conditions, read on to find out a bit about why we suggest you do this in the winter months.

5 Reasons to Get Your Coating in the Winter

Though this list certainly isn’t holistic, here are a few of the top reasons to consider getting your garage coating done in the winter months:

No Temperature Delays

You might assume that coatings can only be applied within a certain temperature range – and you would be partially correct with this assumption. While this is true of epoxy coatings, this is less true with polyaspartic coatings, which can be applied in extreme temperatures that are at or below freezing.

The Same Quality as Other Months

While colder temperatures do affect how long the coating takes to cure, it does not affect the quality of the work or the coating. Regardless of temperature or weather, you still get an excellent, durable surface that is of the same quality as a coating done in warm weather. 

Quicker Installation

Many times, there can be a significant lead time for getting a garage floor coating. Our crews are actually less backed up in the wintertime, probably partially due to incorrect assumptions that flooring can’t be done in these months! Beat the rush and get your coating done in the winter while others are not getting them done as much.

Protection from Salt

Polyaspartic coatings provide excellent protection from road salt, which can plague garages with uncoated concrete and cause long-lasting damage over time. Not only that, but salt also leaves some nasty white stains on your floor. These two items can be remedied by applying a protective coating. You can protect your floors this winter from salt and intervene before further damage can take place from road salt.

Enjoy It Longer

If all of these reasons weren’t enough, perhaps simply aesthetics will convince you. Getting your garage floor done sooner rather than later means that you can enjoy it for longer. Not only that, but you’ll also worry less about the difficulties you may currently see with your garage floor, be it salt damage, aesthetics, or other problems. Why wait when you can have a great-looking garage now?

Cardinal Concrete Coatings Can Help

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Cardinal Concrete Coatings has been creating gorgeous, strong concrete coatings in our community for years. Our team is highly experienced in the field, making us the right people for the job and leaders in our field. Unlike other coating companies, we use a newer technology than epoxy called polyaspartic coating. With polyaspartic coatings, our customers get even stronger concrete coatings that will last longer and stand up to even tougher wear and tear than epoxy can. Our team is determined and kind – and we always get the job done right so you, our client, are happy with the final product.

Call Us Today

If you are ready to upgrade your garage or another concrete surface, then give us a call today at (480) 420-8370. We’d love to speak to you about the vision you have for your home, as well as how we can partner with you to make that happen. We love serving our community and hope to have the opportunity to serve your home very soon.

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