Concrete coatings are quickly becoming a great property-improvement solution for both homeowners and business owners. After all, coatings swiftly revolutionize any property’s appearance and functionality. And as we get more into 2023, there are a few trends property owners and coating contractors should keep in mind.

Concrete Coatings: The Basics

Installing concrete coatings is a simple, straightforward process. It involves pouring a liquid solution onto an existing concrete slab that’ll then cure to form a hard, durable, and attractive coating. This coating that sits on top of the concrete keeps dirt, water, and abrasions from harming the surface while improving the floor’s lifespan.

5 Coating Trends to Know for 2023

Just like all industries, the coating industry is susceptible to changes and trends. These are the 5 most important concrete coating trends for 2023.

The Need for Sustainable Solutions

No more than ever, virtually every government entity, business, and person are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Whether it’s by cutting back on daily commutes or reducing waste, green-centered solutions are top-of-mind. This can actually lead people to choose concrete coatings.


By incorporating recycled materials, reducing waste, and reflecting light to cut back on energy usage, coatings are eco-friendly. Materials like crushed glass or metal shavings get a second life with coatings, and adding a coating versus replacing the floor cuts back on waste. And with the shine of a coating, properties don’t have to use as much energy as before.

More Decoration

Whether’s it by giving a home a personal touch or grabbing potential customers’ eyes in a showroom, decorative concrete coatings are becoming more popular. In the past, people didn’t realize how easy it was to add decorative flakes to their epoxy or polyurea floors. Now, it’s almost commonplace for these flakes to be part of the installation process.

People Are Trying DIY

For better or worse (probably worse), a lot of property owners are trying their hand at concrete coatings. Practically every home improvement store sells DIY coating kits and YouTube or TikTok has countless installation tutorials. So, naturally, people are trying to install coatings themselves.


While it’s great to try projects by yourself, concrete coatings can be a different kind of beast. It requires really high-quality products, the right equipment, and years of experience to produce a surface that’ll actually last. Coating kits only offer a coating that stays intact for a few years, and if you install it incorrectly, you’re back at square one. But with a professional contractor (such as Cardinal Concrete Coatings), you can have a floor that looks incredible and is backed by a 50-year written warranty.

Demand for Better Products (and Finishes)

Property owners are also clinging to their homes and businesses because they recognize how valuable of an investment they are. This means they want only the best results for their property. So when they pay for a professional service (as opposed to DIY), they expect one-of-a-kind products that have superior results. Plus, as more coating contractors pop up, it’s crucial for great contractors to distinguish themselves. That’s where quality products, superior finishes, and unparalleled customer service comes in.

Frequent Service

Lastly, wise property owners understand that to get the most out of their home or business it’s worth frequent, recurring services. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, like huge divots in the floor or eyesore stains, folks can have a pro periodically stop by (maybe every few years) to proactively keep their surface in great shape. The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is slowly drifting away as people realize they can have the best all the time at a fraction of the price by not waiting for expensive problems.

Discover How Cardinal Concrete Coatings Can Help Your Property

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