If you’ve been considering getting your concrete floors coated, you could be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information out there for you. Be it the different kinds of coatings or the different companies available to do these services, there is a lot to sort through and make decisions about. In this blog, we’ll seek to make your decision-making easier by informing you of 4 different types of concrete floor coatings.

4 Types of Coatings

Though there may be others, these are the 4 main types of floor coatings you’ll see for concrete floors:


Epoxy floor coatings are very common over existing concrete floors. They are made up of two elements: resin and hardener. When these two components mix, they create a strong bond that allows the surface to be covered and then harden into a complete coating. It is quite rigid in nature and bonds well to most base layers of concrete, making it a popular option for many homeowners and business owners looking to coat their concrete. One of the main cons of using epoxy flooring is the application process, particularly surface prep. Surfaces must be cleaned and totally repaired before applying epoxy as a coating.


Polyurethane floors use a chemical compound known as carbamates. These floors look very similar to epoxy floors, but this coating is far more elastic than a traditional epoxy coating. These types of coatings also do very well in cold environments, as the chemical makeup is resistant to breaking down in colder temperatures. That being said, if the area you are looking to coat is often moist or could become moist, such as an unfinished basement with regular water leaks or a garage, this might not be the right type of coating for your home.


Acrylic flooring can be made by combining at least one monomer, which is processed with water. This type of flooring is considered a middle-ground option from both a cost and performance perspective. These types of coatings dry/cure very quickly, but they definitely lack durability compared to other types of floor coatings.


Finally, we have polyaspartic concrete coatings. These are similar to polyurea coatings in the sense that they are made up of two parts in order to cure and harden properly. These coatings are often used because they can do the job of several applications of traditional epoxy or polyurethane coatings, reducing costs in labor and materials. It is also highly customizable in terms of look, dry time, and pot life. Not only are they highly customizable, but they are also much stronger than traditional epoxy.

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Cardinal Concrete Coatings is a concrete coatings business that is locally owned and operated in the Greater Phoenix area. Our team was founded on the belief that honesty, integrity, and hard work will create the best possible products and services for the homes in our area. We believe firmly in using the gifts that God has given us to help better the Earth, specifically through concrete coatings. Being family-owned and operated, we are able to easily pivot to the best-in-class technology and exceptional products that will help your concrete coating last the long haul. We are so proud of our team’s exceptional kindness and dedication to our craft and know that you’ll appreciate this about our team, too. 

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